• Thank you

    Thank you, residents of Edmonton Riverbend, for re-electing me as your Member of Parliament. I am thrilled to return to Ottawa to continue standing up for our community and all of Alberta.

Have your say on MAiD

The federal government passed legislation in June 2016 that allows Canadian adults to request medical assistance in dying (MAiD). Physicians are able to administer MAiD if a person meets all of this criteria: Be eligible for health services funded by the federal government, province or ... Full Article

Analysis: Private Members’ Bills Procedure

In Canada, elected Members of Parliament can introduce Private Members’ Bills or Private Members’ Motions in the House of Commons. A Private Member is a Member of Parliament who is not a member of the government’s cabinet. As we have 338 Members of Parliament elected from across the ... Full Article

Reflection on Andrew Scheer’s leadership

I’ve been reflecting on Andrew Scheer’s announcement to step down as leader of the Conservative Party over the past couple of days. I was surprised and saddened to learn of his decision to resign, and I certainly wish him, Jill and his family all the best. I’ve always wholeheartedly ... Full Article

Analysis: Minority Parliament

Canadians will now be governed by a minority Liberal government as a result of the general election on October 21, 2019. The last time Canada was in this situation was between 2008 and 2011, when former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper won his second minority mandate. Because Justin ... Full Article

Jeneroux to continue shadow cabinet role

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ottawa, ON – Matt Jeneroux, the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend, issues the following statement after being named to the role of Associate Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Communities in the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet: ... Full Article