Parliament resumes in 2024

With the dawn of a new year, Parliament is poised to resume active sessions on January 29, drawing MPs back to Ottawa for robust discussions and debates. This session will likely maintain a strong focus on the government’s response to Canada’s housing crisis and other affordability issues.

Whether scrutinizing the practicality of the government’s new housing plans or delving into the repercussions of recent mergers like the HSBC-RBC and Rogers-Shaw deals, my colleagues and I are dedicated to the overarching goal of enhancing affordability for Canadians.

As we step into the new year, budget discussions will also take the spotlight. In the coming months, expect vigorous debates as the government initiates Budget 2024 consultations through legislation. Key themes such as housing, cost-of-living, and government spending are anticipated to remain at the forefront.

For Canadians eager to contribute to the pre-budget consultations, formal submissions are welcome until February 9 at The compiled thoughts will shape the finalized budget, set to be delivered around March or April.

As always, we encourage you to share your perspectives on the issues that matter most to you. Please feel free to reach out to my office with your thoughts at