STATEMENT: MP Jeneroux Tables Motion for Increased Access to Online Mental Health Services

MP Matt Jeneroux Released the Following Statement:

I am thrilled to announce that this past week I tabled a motion promoting increased access to online mental health services through the Government of Canada’s websites.

Whether it is a divorce, declaring bankruptcy, or applying for unemployment insurance, Canadians experiencing traumatic events are often called upon to access federal government websites to finalize details during these times of crisis. Not only does economic insecurity play a significant role in the decline of mental health indicators, but divorced and widowed Canadians commit suicide at a higher rate than married Canadians. Canadians deserve easier access to mental health services when they need them most and currently, these online services ignore any connection of any mental health consequences.

Considering this disconnect, our motion calls on the Government of Canada to review its websites, asses where there is a potentially high level of trauma and add links to the appropriate mental health services. We want to ensure that Canadians will be able to quickly access resources as they navigate life-changing events.

Every Canadian should have access to mental health resources during times of crisis, and I believe this motion is a commonsense solution to ensure that support is readily available to those in need.