Father’s Day on the Hill

Father’s Day on the Hill is an annual event that brings together Members of Parliament from all parties, key mental health stakeholders and policy makers to discuss mental health with a focus on men and young fathers.


This non-partisan initiative was founded by MP Matt Jeneroux in 2018 with help from Members of Parliament Majid Jowhari and Gord Johns and in partnership with Movember and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. In past years, our event has featured prominent Canadian men including Peter Mansbridge, Bryan Baeumler, Georges Laraque among others.


The sixth annual Father’s Day on the Hill took place on June 14, 2023. Featuring Platoon Chief Stephen Jones, a firefighter and first responder with the Burlington Fire Department. The event can be viewed here:


It is no secret that Canada is facing a Mental Health Crisis, and yet, Men’s Mental Health is often underrepresented and underdiscussed. According to a study by Angus Reid, 63 per cent of Canadian men aged 18 to 34 years old experienced considerable loneliness and isolation. Canadian men alone account for roughly 75 per cent of the over 4000 suicide cases in Canada each year.


Of course, you’re not alone. For resources and more information visit The Mental Health Commission of Canada and Movember.


Watch this Feature Video to Learn More About Father’s Day on the Hill:


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Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, Father’s Day on the Hill went virtual, continuing to promote Mental Health Discussion and allowing us to expand our reach to new audiences. The main speech of that video can be viewed here:


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