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December 14, 2018

Analysis: Oil Price Differential

Analysis: Alberta’s energy industry is in a crisis. Our oil continues to sell at a discounted rate, limited pipeline capacity hinders oil from getting exported overseas and companies are producing more oil than what can be exported out of the province. Companies like Cenovus Energy produce up to 300,000 barrels every day above what can be exported. That over production …

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November 19, 2018

Combat stigma by refusing to be bowed by its weight

by: Louise Bradley and Matt Jeneroux Talk. Ask. Listen. Encourage Action. Check In. These are the tenets of Movember’s campaign to raise awareness about men’s mental health. The wildly popular initiative was created to bring men’s health issues to the fore-encouraging screening and early intervention for a range of illnesses that affect young, middle aged and older men in communities …

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