Update: Bill C-11

When Canadians were expecting the final debates on Bill C-11 after the Senate sent it back to the House of Commons with 26 amendments, the Liberal government shocked us all by arbitrarily shutting down the debate on this very controversial online censorship bill just to expedite it into law. The bill is now back with the Senate again for final approval.

It’s both ironical and shameless that the Liberals are “censoring debate on their censorship bill.” They had the opportunity to remedy the overreaching provisions and they outright refused to. This reveals exactly what the real motives are behind this bill.

In the meantime, the danger of bill C-11 was driven home last week by the exposure of the Liberal Government’s attempt to remove a column by Sun Media’s Lorne Gunter from Twitter and Facebook.

The companies refused, but this is just a taste of what Canadians can expect if the government is successful in ramming through their internet censorship bill–they will unashamedly ask tech giants to make news articles they don’t like to disappear.

It’s the power to decide what Canadians view and listen to that the Liberals are after, and that is why they are rejecting any Senate amendments that have an impact, but we will continue to be the voice for Canadians who are rightfully concerned about their rights and freedoms on the internet and who have been left behind by the Liberal government. It’s very disappointing that we are the only party fighting back, and we are calling concerned Canadians to sign the Freedom of Speech petition on our website: https://www.conservative.ca/cpc/stop-online-censorship/.

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Matt Jeneroux, MP
Edmonton Riverbend