STATEMENT: NDP-Liberal Government vote in favour of Liberal Internet Regulation Bill

Edmonton, AB – Matt Jeneroux, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend, released the following statement on the passage of Bill C-11:

“Conservatives support creating a level playing field between large foreign streaming services and Canadian broadcasters while protecting the individual rights and freedoms of Canadians.

“This Bill is flawed. Just as was done in the last Parliament, Liberals pushed through their Internet regulation bill with as little scrutiny as possible. Every Canadian who watches videos or listens to music or podcasts online could be impacted by this bill.

“The Government has failed to be transparent at every step of the process in their attempts to amend the Broadcasting Act, they shut down debate and now, with the support of the NDP, have sent the Bill to the Senate. Thousands of digital-first creators who have found success online are now left with uncertainty about their ability to earn a livelihood

“Conservatives will continue to be the voice for Canadians concerned about their rights and freedoms on the internet and who have been left behind by the Liberal government.”