Update on Novavax Covid-19 vaccine

As we’ve received a number of requests to our office as per the Novavax Vaccine, I wanted to ensure I share the most recent update on the process currently underway.

Health Canada has confirmed they received the complete NVX0CoV2373 application from Novavax on November 1, 2021 and the review is actively ongoing. As data of this vaccine has been filed to Health Canada in a rolling fashion since January 29, 2021, the final completion of the NVX0CoV2373 application means Novavax is likely to receive a decision once all the required information is thoroughly evaluated by Health Canada.

The Canadian government has already purchased 52 million doses from the organization and has an option to buy 24 million more. The newly built Biologics Manufacturing Centre in Montreal is also expected to start producing Novavax doses by the end of the year once Health Canada grants approval to the vaccine.

It has always been my focus that our government should work on offering Canadians as many options of vaccines as possible. I will be actively following the progress of NVX0CoV2373’s review process and continue to keep our community updated.