UPDATE: Nexus Program

December 6, 2022

Ottawa, ON – Matt Jeneroux, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend, released the following statement about the Nexus Program:

“When I first wrote about this issue it was disappointing to see the program shut down on both sides and then over time only on the Canadian side. Canadians were struggling to get interviews for the Nexus Program with the only ones being offered were on the American side.

“After holding the government to account on their closure of the program I’m happy to hear two Nexus centres will be reopened in Ontario, however not everyone lives in Ontario, and even worse they are still requiring Canadians to go to the States for a new secondary interview.

“Currently the backlog for the Nexus Program sits at 300,000 people with a 16 month wait period. These 300,000 people come from across the country and not just Ontario.

“I will continue to hold the government to account until they re-open all the Nexus interview facilities and not force Canadians go to the United States for an interview.”