STATEMENT: WestJet Pilot’s Strike

May 19, 2023

EDMONTON, AB – After multiple major travel disruptions in the past year, Canadians narrowly avoided being hit by another major disruption this Victoria Day long weekend. Early last night, an agreement was reached before the 3AM MT deadline between WestJet and its pilots. As a result, a strike has been avoided thus far.

Travel delays cost Canadians time and money. It is unfortunate that despite a responsibility to ensure efficient nation-wide transport, the government and Minister of Transport did little to ensure a resolution was found before Canadians came close to bearing the brunt of looming delays and cancelled flights.

There have been far too many travel disruptions for Canadians travelling for work, or hard-working families trying to get away for a vacation. While the strike was avoided, much more could have been done in the interim to provide Canadian passengers with a sense of stability as they plan their travel.