STATEMENT: Trudeau walking out on Canadians with prorogation

August 18, 2020


EDMONTON, AB – Matt Jeneroux, the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend and Shadow Minister for Health, released the below statement following the news that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has prorogued Parliament until September 23:

“By proroguing Parliament, Justin Trudeau has shut down the many committees investigating his WE scandal. He’s walking out on Canadians in a middle of a major health and economic crisis to make Canadians forget about his corruption. Canadians have serious questions about the WE scandal and deserve better than a Prime Minister who uses the power of his office to shut down multiple investigations into his decision to hand $900 million of taxpayer money to his friends at WE.

“Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau shamefully shut down Parliament to try and avoid accountability. Now he has locked out Opposition MPs who were working hard to fix his government’s pandemic programs, help Canadians and get to the bottom of his corruption scandal. Hiding out for a month won’t solve the Liberals’ ethical problems. If Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister, the corruption will continue.”