Statement on Minister of Environment Phasing Out Canadian Energy

January 14, 2022

EDMONTON, AB – Matt Jeneroux, the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend, released the below statement on the Environment Minister stating that the Liberals want to phase out Canadian Energy in the next 18 months.
“The Minister of Environment has publicly stated that the Liberals want to phase out Canadian energy in the next 18 months. Unfortunately, the same government has failed to provide Canadians with any low costing, widely available alternative to fossil fuels.
“Right now, during the coldest months of winter, Canadians are facing soaring heating and gasoline prices because of the Liberals economic failures, making the price of everything skyrocket. This governments continued attack of Canada’s energy sector has increased our reliance on foreign energy, directly impacting good paying Canadian jobs.
“There is no question that we must do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but we also must allow Canadians to prosper and it’s time we start appreciating Canada’s energy sector as a big part of the solution and not the problem. The industry has been a leader in reducing GHGs and has time and time again been this country’s leading source of economic certainty.
“So, when the Environment Minister says he wants to ban all oil and gas in the next 18 months, he needs to answer how Canadians, who are already struggling to keep up with soaring prices are going to heat their homes, pay their bills, and drive to work or school.
“It’s time to promote national unity, rather than the divisive rhetoric this government continues to promote. I will always stand up for our Canadian energy and our Canadian jobs.”