Statement on Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 4, 2021

EDMONTON, AB – Matt Jeneroux, the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend, released the below statement on Mental Illness Awareness Week:

“As we mark Mental Illness Awareness Week, it’s key to remember that mental health is health. Mental health is important to all families and communities, yet is not discussed nearly enough. It is time we stamped out the stigma and properly treat mental health.

“The pandemic has worsened many Canadians’ mental health, and this shadow pandemic may long outlast the current health crisis. I’m calling on the federal government to proactively fund mental health treatment so more Canadians can access help if they need it.

“I’ve long been a champion for men’s mental health and established the Father’s Day on the Hill event four years ago. In Canada alone, 80 per cent of people who die by suicide are men, despite suffering depression at about the same rate as women. Our event highlights this and shows men that it’s okay to talk about mental health.

“This Mental Illness Awareness Week is an important reminder that there is no reason to suffer in silence. Mental health is health and we should not be ashamed to talk about it.”