STATEMENT: MP Jeneroux Hosts Summit to Advance Mental Health Policy

This past week, we hosted the first official Mental Health Summit at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Many referenced it being a historic moment that brought together experts, advocates, and leaders in mental health to discuss key topics and drive meaningful change in policy and practice.

The summit featured four panels addressing crucial areas in mental health advocacy: prioritizing youth mental health policy change, overcoming barriers to men’s mental health awareness, advocating for gender-diverse mental health equity, and outlining public policy reforms to strengthen mental health support for all Canadians.

Moderated by Members of Parliament from each political party, these panels sparked in-depth conversations about innovative strategies, open dialogue, and actionable solutions for improving mental health support across the country. The discussions emphasized the importance of transitioning from observation to action and making mental health resources more accessible to Canadians when they need them most.

Our goal is to ensure that every Canadian can access mental health support during times of crisis and navigate life-changing events with confidence. The 2024 Mental Health Summit has set the stage for this mission, and we look forward to building on the momentum to create a more equitable and supportive mental health landscape for all.

Thank you to the following organizations that participated in helping to organize the event:

– HiDad Foundation

– Mental Health Commission of Canada

– BGC Canada

– Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association

– Canadian Mental Health Association

– Centre for Suicide Prevention

– Youth Services Bureau