STATEMENT: Canadians’ access to safe and fairly-priced supplements should be protected


Health Canada is significantly changing natural health product (NHPs) regulations, proposing new and significant fees to import, manufacture, and sell NHPs along with new labelling laws.

This new red tape is about giving more power to Ottawa, not protecting Canadians. Canadians will lose access to the health supplements they choose to use as a result of red tape and bureaucratic gatekeeping, rather than health impact. We will also have to pay more for supplements as well. It is not the time to add salt to insult when Canadians are in the thick of record-high inflation and living expense crisis.

Existing regulations on health supplements already keep Canadians safe. These unnecessary new regulations being placed on health supplements are extremely burdensome and put Canadian businesses at a disadvantage. Some supplement-makers say that the Canadian market is simply too small for it to be worth the investment.

My colleagues and I are committed to advocating for Canadians’ rights as consumers of natural health products. We will do our best in the parliament to ensure Canadian businesses are competitive and that Canadians’ access to safe supplements is protected.