NEWS RELEASE: MP Jeneroux will vote against Senate amendments to MAiD

February 24, 2021

EDMONTON, AB – Member of Parliament Matt Jeneroux will vote against Senate amendments to Bill C-7, which would enact significant changes to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) if passed.

The bill previously passed in the House of Commons. Senators made substantial changes, including allowing access to those suffering from mental illnesses and for people to make advanced requests for assisted death.

“I voted against MAiD when it was in the House of Commons originally because I felt that the legislation had too many holes that would allow Canadians who are not facing immediate death access to MAiD,” said Jeneroux.

“I also share the concerns of advocates who worry that MAiD will be presented as a viable option to living with a disability. We must safeguard the lives of vulnerable Canadians.”

This bill is being debated after a 2019 decision by the Quebec Superior Court found parts of the federal MAiD program were unconstitutional. The Superior Court posited the assisted suicide program should be extended to intolerably suffering individuals who are not approaching the natural end of their lives.

The Quebec Superior Court has given the House of Commons a deadline of March 26, 2021 to amend the legislation.

“This is a very serious piece of legislation that I’ve given a lot of thought to,” said Jeneroux.

“We must not rush this bill because of an arbitrary deadline. Our actions will impact all Canadians and we must do everything we can to protect vulnerable people and ensure that MAiD is safeguarded to those in most dire need.”