NEWS RELEASE: Compassionate Bereavement Bill to have final House of Commons debate on May 6

April 23, 2021

EDMONTON, AB – The Compassionate Bereavement Bill to extend bereavement time for Canadian employees covered under the Canada Labour Code will have its final debate in the House of Commons on Thursday, May 6.

The bill, introduced by Edmonton Riverbend Member of Parliament Matt Jeneroux, has so far had unanimous support from all parties to extend bereavement time off work to 10 days, a doubling of the current five days allowed.

Jeneroux was able to work out a very rare trade with a Liberal Member of Parliament to have an earlier debate on the bill.

“It’s been a really fascinating show of non-partisanship among all MPs that this bill should be moved up so we can get bereavement supports passed through the House of Commons as quickly as possible,” said Jeneroux.

“Throughout this whole process, there’s been a spirit of collaboration among all parties to get this bill passed so we can help Canadians who are grieving a loved one’s death.”

The bill completed its first hour of debate at third reading in April. Following this hour of debate, it will be voted on by all Members of Parliament. If the bill passes that vote, it will be referred to the Senate, where it will complete the same process of three readings and debate before coming Canadian law.

Independent Alberta Senator Paula Simons will be the bill’s sponsor in the Senate.

“Personally, I’m just thrilled that local Edmonton Senator Paula Simons will be leading this bill through the Senate process. She has been a huge champion for compassionate legislation. This bill is in very capable hands in the Senate,” Jeneroux said.