NEWS RELEASE: Broadcasting Act amendments must address important issues

February 11, 2021

Edmonton, AB – Amendments to Canada’s Broadcasting Act must address important issues, including ensuring that web giants like Google and Facebook have to compete under the same rules as Canadian companies, said Matt Jeneroux, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend.

Bill C-10, currently being debated in the House of Commons, proposes to amend the Broadcasting Act to ensure online broadcasting is covered under the Act. It also updates broadcasting and regulatory policies to better reflect the diversity of Canadian society, including gender equality, LGBTQ+ and racialized communities, persons with disabilities and Indigenous Peoples.

Amendments would also modernize and provide the CRTC with new enforcement powers through an administrative monetary penalty scheme.

“This bill is vague and doesn’t address important issues. I believe in an even playing field and public policy should consider the ever-changing market,” said Jeneroux.

Important issues Jeneroux would like to see addressed include:

• Ensuring web giants like Google and Facebook must compete under the same rules as Canadian companies.
• Explaining how digital platforms and conventional players will compete on an even playing field.
• Explaining how proprietary content shared on digital platforms will be addressed.
• Explaining how guidelines will be put in place for the production of Canadian content and contributions to the Canadian Media Fund.

“Online broadcasting has drastically changed Canada’s media landscape,” said Jeneroux.

“Any legislation about broadcasting must be in keeping with our modern realities and the ways that Canadians access content.”