Liberals’ Infrastructure Bank failing Canadians: Jeneroux


EDMONTON, AB – Matt Jeneroux, the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Communities and Urban Affairs, released the following statement regarding the abrupt resignation of the head of investments at the Canada Infrastructure Bank:

“The abrupt and unexpected resignation of the Head of Investments for the Canada Infrastructure Bank is proof that Justin Trudeau’s infrastructure scheme is failing.

“Trudeau’s bank is now two years old, and we have nothing to show for it except an added layer of bureaucracy and frustrated employees.

“He is playing with taxpayer’s money. Trudeau’s bank costs every Canadian an estimated $1000 and has failed to show them value for their dollars. Justin Trudeau thinks he can spend your money better than you can, and if re-elected he will only take more.

“Trudeau’s infrastructure plan fails to even meet the Liberal’s own targets to grow the economy, create jobs, and respect taxpayers. Instead, Trudeau’s poor judgement has delayed much-needed construction of new roads, bridges, and community spaces with added layers of red tape. When it comes to getting infrastructure built, Justin Trudeau is not as advertised.

“Infrastructure projects across Canada face massive delays and instead of rolling up his sleeves and getting to work, Justin Trudeau is blaming the provinces for his failures. Once again, Justin Trudeau’s lack of leadership is hurting Canadians.

“A Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will put forward an infrastructure plan that grows the economy and gets much needed projects built in communities across Canada. We will work with the provinces and territories and make every decision with the Canadian taxpayer in mind.”