I was pleased to present our petition calling for upgrades to Terwillegar Drive as my first speech in the new the House of Commons. Below is the Hansard transcript:

Mr. Matt Jeneroux (Edmonton Riverbend, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to present e-petition 1776. This petition calls for upgrades on Terwillegar Drive, one of Edmonton’s busiest roads to become a freeway. Anyone from Edmonton knows how busy this road can get, especially during rush hours. An upgrade of more lanes to Terwillegar Drive to a freeway would increase the quality of life while decreasing emissions. Let us ensure that we show the federal government is willing and able to support this important upgrade. I thank the sponsor, Markus Muhs, hard-working city councillor Tim Cartmell and, of course, the many dedicated residents of the community, who took the time to share, sign and support this very important petition.

The government now has 45 days to respond to the petition. However, the success of many of us speaking up has already been felt as we have seen the initial support for the project by the City of Edmonton, and, now that we’ve been able to raise it on the national stage, we’ll likely continue to see more pressure put on the provincial and federal governments to approve additional enhancements to the Terwillegar Drive.

Terwillegar Drive, one of Edmonton’s busiest roads, is in need of upgrades to make it a freeway. The road is consistently clogged with commuter traffic. There have been many attempts over the past two decades to develop solutions to the growing traffic problem, but nothing beyond reports has materialized. The federal government recently pledged almost $40 million to expand the industrial 50 Street, which does not see as much traffic as Terwillegar Drive. Southwest Edmonton is one of the fastest growing areas of the city, completely lacks LRT, and needs better infrastructure for its residents.

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  1. Dick Bassil says:

    By all means. This project must get started and driven to completion immediately.
    A lot of the rough grading and infrastructure is already in place….. a good design..lets get it going.

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