OTTAWA- Matt Jeneroux, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend and Official Opposition Critic for Western Economic Diversification, has tabled M-122: A Motion to Support the Development of Geothermal in Canada. M-122 asks the Government to make the required legislative, regulatory and program changes in order to support the development of the geothermal industry in Canada.

Geothermal is the most affordable renewable source of energy with a per-kWh cost half of hydroelectric or wind. Canada remains the only major country in the Pacific Rim that is not producing electricity from its geothermal resources. Natural Resources Canada has indicated there is enormous potential for geothermal energy in Canada and “in place capacity” well over a million times what Canadians actually use, yet the development of this technology continues to stagnate.

“There is a great potential for the development of clean energy through geothermal assets in Canada, yet the industry is currently facing large amounts of red tape,” Jeneroux stated. “The development of geothermal technology in Canada can also help create jobs for the many unemployed skilled oil and gas workers.”

Experts believe that the development of the geothermal industry can provide the foundation for the clean transition of orphan oil wells into sustainable geothermal producing assets. The conversion of orphan oil wells into geothermal producing assets will create needed jobs and remedy environmental concerns.

“Supporting the geothermal industry in Canada will encourage companies to invest in orphaned wells sites and utilize them to develop their next geothermal assets,” said Jeneroux. “This not only decreases the economic burden on provincial governments who are currently faced with the costs for remediating these orphan well sites, but it also allows skilled workers to get back to work.”

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Leslie Kellestine
Office of Matt Jeneroux, MP

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