The federal government recently tabled Bill C-71, An Act to Amend Certain Acts and Regulations in Relation to Firearms. The new legislation will change current gun laws to include more comprehensive background checks and record keeping.

Under C-71, the RCMP will be required to conduct a background check on a person’s entire life before authorizing a person for a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). Currently, the RCMP only conducts background checks on the past five years of a person’s life. The checks look for signs of mental illness and criminal activity.

Gun retailers will now be required to keep firearms sales records for 20 years. Retailers, along with private gun sellers, will have to check with the RCMP, through a hotline, that gun buyers have valid licences.

As well, the government has pledged almost $330 million, over five years, and $100 million a year following that, to address criminal gun and gang activities. The public safety minister also said other matters, including storage rules and advertising regulations, will be looked at in the future, after community consultations.

Please let me know your thoughts as we continue to debate this legislation in Parliament.

  1. Good day,
    I am a firearms owner. I took the courses, had the background checks etc.. and i know as such my identity is checked daily by CSIS. Under the new proposed bill C-71 I will be subjected to even more scrutiny under the guise of combating gun violence. The new bill as it is written does nothing to address gangs or crime. It just punishes those who’s names they have on file as licencees. Bill C75 adds insult to injury as they hope to lessen the penalties for firearms offenders. Double standard? Where do you as an MP stand on this topic and what will you do as a Conservative to combat this Liberal debacle? Cause you know, it’s a backdoor registry.

  2. Sara Bennett says:

    “There is nothing in this bill aimed at crime, gangs, smuggling, or criminal miss-use of firearms. This is a direct attack on the honest gun owners of Canada” – Todd Brown, Concerned Gun Owners of Alberta and Executive Director of Firearms Institute for Rational Education

    So what’s the point of it then?

  3. James says:

    Bill C71 is deeply flawed. It will not have the desired effect on violent crime with firearms. It focuses on PAL/RPAL holders, not on criminals. And that makes sense in the context of how this Bill was formed: as the result of illegal lobbying by Nathalie Provost of PolyRemembers and the Coalition for Gun Control. The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness did not seek the advice of anyone knowledgeable about firearms in the creation of BillC71, and the Liberal supermajority on SECU committee voted down all reasonable amendments.

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