OTTAWA, ON – Matt Jeneroux, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend and Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Communities and Urban Affairs, releases the following statement following the unveiling of the Liberals’ 2019 budget:

“Desperate to distract Canadians from their corruption in an election year, Budget 2019 is an attempt to buy Canadians with their own money.

“The government predicts a $20 billion deficit. They had a choice to reduce the deficit this year, because of more tax revenue than expected, but chose to keep spending instead of saving for the future.

“Justin Trudeau is trying to bury the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal under $41 billion of brand-new Liberal spending, which Canadians will pay for through higher taxes if he is re-elected. This is the most expensive cover-up in history.

“This budget is an attempt to entice voters during an election year. Justin Trudeau has – and will continue to – break promises to Canadians. Budget 2019 is full of nothing more than desperate, election-year promises from a Liberal government mired in scandal and corruption.”


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