Canadians taxpayers are the owners of a $4.5 billion pipeline that may never be built following a decision by the Federal Court of Appeal, said Matt Jeneroux, the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend.

The Federal Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday, August 30 that the National Energy Board’s assessment of the expansion, which would carry bitumen from Alberta to Burnaby, B.C., was flawed and shouldn’t have been replied upon when the government approved the project in 2016.

With this decision, the National Energy Board must conduct a new review and continue consultations with Indigenous groups.

“This decision has effectively shut down the Trans Mountain Expansion Project with no timeline about whether this project will ever be completed,” said Jeneroux.

“Thousands of jobs in Alberta depend on this project. The government has acted irresponsibly on this file from the beginning without thinking about how jobs will be affected.”

The Liberal government purchased the pipeline from parent company Kinder Morgan earlier this year for $4.5 billion with a promise to have shovels in the ground by the summer. Kinder Morgan had threatened to cancel the project because of uncertainty.

“In the three years this government has been in power, their policies have proven they don’t have Canada’s economic best interests at hand,” said Jeneroux, also the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

“Between carbon taxes, stringent regulations and high taxes for small businesses, the Liberals are trying to push out investment in our country, which is harming our economy. This decision proves that Canada is closed for business under this government and Canadians are left to pay for their decisions.”

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