SHERWOOD PARK, AB – Matt Jeneroux, the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend, releases the following statement regarding Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi’s announcement at the Trans Mountain Expansion Project today in Sherwood Park:

“Weeks before the federal election, the Natural Resources Minister has finally confirmed some timelines for the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline. This is after four years in which the Minister and his government actively worked to destroy our energy sector by cancelling projects like Northern Gateway and Energy East and passing legislation like the no-more-pipelines Bill C-69.

“The government used taxpayer money to purchase this pipeline at an inflated price more than a year ago. It has not prioritized this project in any way. Canadians have heard time and time again that Justin Trudeau wants to get pipelines built, yet in four years he has done the exact opposite.

“Sohi, Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal government have ignored Alberta over the past four years and worked to phase out our province’s natural resource sector with legislation the government has passed. This government’s support for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is not as advertised.

“Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer understands the struggles that Canada’s energy sector workers face under Justin Trudeau’s government. That’s why Conservatives have a plan to create good jobs in the energy sector and will put Canadians first.”


  1. Gary Nichols says:

    Yes, we need the pipeline to sustain and create jobs and a workplace fro Canadians. Also concerned as why our current government is willing to make killing legal for disable and mental ill Canadians but convicted criminals (murder, rapist, pedophilia etc.) are able to live and eventually walk free.
    The two in Quebec should put on some of there favorite music and take the drugs of their choice rather then trying to stretch the boundaries of MAID.

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