This week, the federal Liberals will be presenting their second high-tax, high deficit budget. Canadians across the country, and especially in Alberta, are tightening their belts as they face a tough job market and high cost of living. Canadians cannot afford any new taxes or spending that doesn’t create jobs.

In the 2015 election, the Liberals promised prosperity and jobs, and now in less than two years they have crippled our country with debt for decades, have presented no plan to balance the budget, and have not created any full-time jobs. In fact, unemployment numbers in Alberta haven’t seen these record highs since the early 1990s. Furthermore, they don’t intend to balance the budget until 2055.

The Alberta Conservative Caucus launched the Alberta Jobs Task Force last fall to work with Albertans to create a targeted jobs plan. My colleagues and I met with thousands of Albertans and compiled our findings into a report containing 11 recommendations. This report was presented to the Prime Minister directly on Feb. 27. On behalf of Albertans who spoke up and presented their ideas, I will personally be looking to see if the Liberals have included any of our Alberta-made solutions in their budget and will continue to fight to ensure our voices in Alberta are heard.

Matt Jeneroux, Edmonton Riverbend MP, Official Opposition critic for Western Economic Diversification

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