OTTAWA – MP Matt Jeneroux (Edmonton Riverbend), Shadow Minister of Innovation, Science & Economic Development is questioning the method used by the federal Liberal government to select its six “innovation experts” who will lead a series of consultations on digital and data transformation.

The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development announced Friday that it selected the six people to lead the cross-country roundtables beginning later this month.

Elections Canada contributions records show that five of the six people selected have donated to the Liberal Party of Canada in the past. Since 2004, their contributions total more than $10,000.

“This government has been known for picking winners and losers, as shown through their superclusters program,” said Jeneroux.

“This selection process is another example of the Liberals turning to their friends when seeking ‘outside’ advice. By picking supporters to make up the bulk of the panel, the Liberals show they aren’t interested in seeking a diversity of opinions, but rather an echo chamber for their policies.”


For more information, please contact:

Alanah Duffy
Office of Matt Jeneroux, MP Email:
Phone: 613-992-3594

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