Thank you to those that came out and supported ‪#‎TeamJeneroux‬ that resulted in our success. I would also like to acknowledge the work of many volunteers across all campaigns. Tariq, Brian and Valerie all brought out teams to help with their campaigns and I congratulate them for their efforts and dedication. It was a good race on all sides.

As well, I would like to congratulate my Conservative candidate colleagues across Alberta for their campaigns. I am proud of our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. We ran a strong and professional campaign. I am also proud of the legacy of our government. We are leaving office and handing over a strong economy with low taxes and a balanced budget.

It has been more than 100 years since anyone has won a fourth term but we will now form a strong opposition. I look forward to taking my seat in the Chamber in the House of Commons

Thank you for the opportunity to serve once again. I aim to do so as a vocal advocate for our country and our community.

~ Matt

Election Results

2015 election results - Edmonton Riverbend

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