I am deeply disappointed by this morning’s announcement by TransCanada that they will be cancelling the Energy East pipeline project. This is terrible news for the Canadian economy, and especially for Albertans. Thousands of Albertans who were counting on jobs have had the rug pulled out from under them.

The government’s response is absolutely unacceptable. Energy Minister Jim Carr said: “ultimately, it’s not up to me to explain why TransCanada made this decision on the basis of what’s in its interest.” Minister, I adamantly disagree. The Minister, alongside our Prime Minister, is directly responsible for creating the onerous conditions that make developing our own oil resources an unviable endeavour. We cannot ignore the timing of this morning’s announcement, given that just last night the Liberals advanced their proposed moratorium on vessels transporting oil from stopping, loading and unloading on the west coast to second reading.

The vast natural resources we have in Canada are a blessing, not a burden. Yet this government increasingly restricts our domestic energy sector, while continuing to import oil from foreign countries. This disappointing turn of events is precisely the sort of outcome we have been fighting against in regard to the Liberals’ disastrous energy policies. Today, it is not TransCanada, but the Trudeau government who has truly let down thousands of Canadians. It turns out that social license doesn’t get us anything after all.

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