MP Jeneroux speaks out in support of reclaiming orphaned wells in western Canada

The oil and gas sectors have long been the backbone of the Canadian economy, creating thousands of well-paying jobs, and contributing tens of thousands of dollars to our GDP.

As we are well aware, the recent downturn in the price of oil has affected our province especially hard and the effects have been felt across the entire country. As the Liberals continue to dither over whether or not they support pipelines, Albertans know that the need for pipelines can’t be overstated. However, we also need jobs now. The reclamation of non-producing wells is a shovel ready project that could get hundreds of unemployed men and women from the oilpatch back to work, while simultaneously helping the environment.

The premier of Alberta could formally request federal funding to make this a reality, but has so far made no request. It is clear that the Liberals have no respect for jobs in the oilpatch, but despite their misguided notions, this is a project that makes sense and should be supported by both the provincial NDP and federal Liberals.

-Matt Jeneroux, MP for Edmonton-Riverbend

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