As politicians, we should strive to find shared values and not blanket with discrimination those who are fighting with us to protect our freedom at home and in the world. It’s blatantly wrong to prejudice based on nationality or religious beliefs.

I want those who are raising families and contributing to a strong Canada to know that this is a path our country has not and will not consider. My daughters and many others will judge our actions in the days and weeks ahead. I am proud to fight for our Canadian values of openness, equality and respect each and everyday, and yesterday’s ill-informed decision by the Trump Administration only reminds me of my determination.

  1. ASdrian Peetoom says:

    Thank you, Mr. Jeneroux, for this statement. I trust that in your riding activities you will express this regularly, and you stand in the way of those from whom “Canadian values” include excluding those with whom one might disagree. Alberta is not free from trump-like folks.
    Thanks you also for your Feb 10/2017 letter to me.

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