OTTAWA – The 2016 Budget put forward by the Liberal Government fell short for many Canadian families, particularly those in Alberta. Families that are suffering in Alberta due to job losses are only going to hurt more. These families got very little recognition says MP Jeneroux.

“This is a tough budget for Alberta families with the elimination of child fitness & art tax credit, education and text book tax credit. Furthermore, the elimination of income splitting for couples with children will hurt many families. This is especially true in Alberta where we saw a lot of families take advantage of these credits.”

More than 100,000 Canadians from across the country are out of work in the oil and gas industry alone. Canada`s unemployment rate has increased for three consecutive months, despite the Liberal Government spending billions of dollars during the same time period.

“Lack of a jobs plan and focus on EI benefits is a short term measure and doesn`t help get any Albertans back to work.”

Edmonton is exempt from EI expansion MP Jeneroux says. He hopes the Liberal MPs from Edmonton will have an explanation for why Edmonton and the families in need of this measure were cut out, when it too is hurting from the only increasing job losses.

In addition there was zero commitment to local infrastructure projects. I would like to think the Minister of Infrastructure would have fought harder to have Edmonton LRT and other projects included in the budget.

“At the end of the day, there is now a $29.4 Billion dollar deficit and the Liberals campaigned on $10 Billion. That`s a lot of `change` in just 5 months and they`re going to have to raise taxes eventually to pay for all this.”

For More Information Contact:

Leslie Kellestine
Legislative Assistant
Office of Matt Jeneroux, MP
Edmonton Riverbend
(613) 292-7112

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